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At Fillabong, we are a licensed medical cannabis dispensary that sells many different types of strains for the residents in the Silverdale, WA area. We have a wide variety of cannabis strains that offers our patients more precise options to choose which strain works best for them. From back pain to sleeping disorders and nausea, our cannabis dispensary can give you advice as to which strain will work best for your specific pain relief needs.

If you are looking for an alternative to smoking a joint or bong for your medical or recreational cannabis needs, we also carry edibles and oils. We specialize in cannabis edibles with a variety of delectable treats including candies, brownies and colas. With a certain amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in each medical edible, you will be able to receive the same pain and stress relief as you would if you consumed it in a more traditional fashion.

We also offer cannabis oil, which can often be the most powerful form. However, this powerful form of cannabis can help treat an array diseases including cancer, sleep deprivation, headaches and many more.

Our staff can help you with the required knowledge. Whatever you are looking for, we ensure that our cannabis products will not disappoint. Contact Fillabong or visit our cannabis store in Silverdale, WA today for more information!

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